Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Cardinal's Song

I have not written a poem since my last childen's book.  I am sure this may not pass the true poetry critique, but this is the right now expression of my heart.

The air was heavy with life’s latest blow.
Painful sobs, deep breaths,
The battle for truth …I must know.

The clouds were grey and misting rain,
The earth seemed to sigh aware of the pain.
The depth of grief too deep to bear.
Did God of all see…did He care?

Oh my soul’s anguished cry
For those I hold dear.
The ‘King of Thieves’ had declared destruction was certainly near.
His acidic proclamation, “Thissss relationship is destined to die!”

My spirit man began to rumble and roar
Deep from within hope’s corridor.
I heard my heart SCREAM…

I opened my eyes
to realize…
I was not alone.
God had sent a special messenger, one of his own.

The Cardinal ablaze with his crimson glory
had come to visit, and listen, to my personal story.
I have always been told the cardinal has one mate for life.
I found myself wondering…where were his babies…
where is his wife?

He cocked his head as if to say,
“Never mind my child, I am here for you.
Heaven is on alert for each word you pray.
Be wise in all that you choose, in all that you do.”

The Cardinal’s majestic plume ablaze,
His small dark eyes fixed on me in a steady gaze.
His blood red color… such stark contrast to the winter’s dead tree
Ushered my emotions into a harbor of safe reality.

This creature of comfort stayed for the longest of time.
Assurance of peace,
Once more to be mine.
The word secured and beauty sublime.

Salvation’s King pledged to carry our grief and sorrow.
Redemption’s promise of a better morrow.
Listen carefully for the Cardinal’s song,
To herald God’s new mercies at morning’s dawn.

          Cathy Summar Flynn 

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