Friday, February 4, 2011


You know the ole' sayin', "The behinder I go the further I get." That statement is the sum total of my last
year's life events, especially the last few months.

Soooo, I decided to give myself the day off to get a much needed hair-cut. With another birthday looming ahead, I desperately needed to contemplate the latest turn of events in my life.

Over the years I have been in every scale of hair salons. My hair has been whacked up by the best!  I accidentally finally found the best little hair dresser at our local Mega-Mart. I can safely sit in her chair with assurance that I will not have to leave  the salon wearing a false nose and glasses, nor do I have to spend a week in fasting and prayer to make sure none of us are traumatized.

I actually had very little shopping to do...just for my weekly bananas. I was relieved that I had an appointment and would not have to wait.  I had one of those head-aches where you feel like you need to stop the world and get off. I even considered going back home, but decided the world would be a better place if I pushed thru the pain and gave this bush a bouffant.

My hair dresser was running late, and said she was sorry but it would be 45 minutes or more.  Did I have any shopping to do?  "Yes, as a matter of fact." How long could that take?

With each step my head pounded more. So I was not in a very social mood. About that time I hear a booming man's voice, "Hey Ms. Cathy! How you doin today?"  It was my new BFF, the manager of the produce department. I waved back as I was heading to the bench outside of the salon with my swollen head.

Although, I am a deluxe people watcher (My husband says I can tell you how many eyelashes people have), I just needed to sit very quietly and nurse this headache.

The parade began. I decided to make the best of this delay and pretended the mesh bench was a reserved seat or better yet, my own float. I was nodding my head, smiling and giving my best pageant wave to many of the employees who, after many years, have become some of my favorite peeps.

I observed the newest trends in physical attire...PAJAMAS! People of all ages, red, yellow, black and white, male and female were wearing their night clothes in the middle of the day.

The lady ahead of me getting her hair done was at least my age. She stood up to pay and I nearly fell off my float! She was wearing Disney Character flannel pajamas in conjunction with what appeared to be her husband's camoflauge hunting jacket. On the bright side, she had a newly coiffed do of barrell curls...OF COURSE! As liberal as our society is, I don't think it is ready for my coming out of the closet in my most comfortable pj's.

My hairdresser winked at me and said it would be a few more minutes there was some waxing to be done. Sigh... I sit back down. Obviously, my parade was to be continued.

Seemingly, out of no where, this lady comes wheeling her buggy up beside me at about 50 mph. Before I could utter a word she said, "Since you are aleady sitting here could you please watch my cart?"  She throws this thing in park dangerously close to my foot and does the 50-yard dash to the bathroom.  I have been asked to keep watch over a lot of things....

I turned around to discover at the end of my range of vision, someone was trying very hard to get my attention. An adorable toddler with about fifteen pigtails and a yellow binkie was waving very aggressively at me. She would wave once and then 'pee-pie" once... then it was my turn. We had it going on! So much so this man, I did not recognize, walked up to shake my hand! He thought I had been waving and winking at him!

I was speechless!  Good thing. Before I could figure out how to get out of this, he says, "WELL HEY THERE! I THOUGHT I RECOGNIZED YOU! He reached out and gave me a hearty handshake!

(Me) "You did?" This stranger continues as though we had planned to meet for coffee. "I had a far (fire) last week in the cold, and wudn' ya know affected my sinuses, but that's ok. I went and got a cocktail shot today, and I am feelin' a little woozy." 

I thought to myself, "SO DO I". My old - new friend says he better be off, and I better be good. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

My hairdresser sweetly tells me it's finally my turn, and she asks, "How are things going for you today?"

"Wel-l-l," I begin... "Never mind. You wouldn't believe it."

Why do I share these episodes from the ordinary days of my life? The word of God says in Proverbs 17:22  "A cheerful disposition is good for your health; gloom and doom leave you bone-tired." 

He well knows I need a dose of laughter every day...and perhaps, you do too...even at my own expense.

P.S. I forgot and left the bananas in the below freezing weather in the back of my car! AND, oh yeah, if you have not had your shower for the day, it is possible to stand close enough to the lettuce to get one!

t-t-f-n  (ta-ta-for-now)

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