Sunday, June 15, 2014

Not Your Expected Father’s Day Message

This is not the slickest picture of my beloved Michael, (not a monogram in sight) but the truest in its’ raw emotion and passion for the God he loved so much, and the company he served for 17 years.

This was our last Christmas as a family as we had previously known and loved it.  The following year began a season of unfathomable loss. 

In twenty-six years of ministry we had the distinct honor of witnessing a fruitful ministry of the miraculous.  We saw the lame walk, the blind’s sight restored, cancer bow to the Name of Jesus, marriages healed, the childless bear children, and people restored to their right mind.

Because of all of the miracles we had witnessed in the lives of others, these past experiences seemed to only magnify my feelings of helplessness, guilt, and inability to stop the impending season of severe pain, grief and sorrow. 

Nothing I had previously experienced prepared my heart to finish out my life as a widow or say good-bye to those I assumed to be permanent fixtures in the landscape of my own little world.

One of the last times I ministered in our home church, I did a teaching called “Giants Have Relatives.” I have to say that was one of the most profound nights of ministry I had ever personally experienced. 

Little did I know, I was preaching my future. 

When you read the account of David, the small shepherd boy, taking the head off of Goliath - you automatically assume that was the end – not so.  After doing an in-depth study, it was revealed this was only the beginning. 

By David closing the mouth  of the giant of filthy lies and intimidation , it put a target on his youthful back from the Goliath’s family…mama – n-em. These blood-thirsty giants tracked this ruddy faced lad into his adulthood.

David’s first mistake…he  assumed that this victory was permanent .  With this false assumption, he discarded the remainder of his stones. In the midst of the admiration of his peers and the victory of the moment, he abandoned his guard.

King David was the apple of God’s eye due to his ability to minister to the Lord Himself, and because of his repentant heart. The fact still remains, he lost his first child, his soul- brother, Jonathan, and  the sword never left his own home.  He died cold and alone.

I am not suggesting at all that you can  suppose to have the same expected end however you may serve the Lord.  

Yes, we have a new and better covenant.  But it is useless to defend yourself or your family if you come under the false assumption that there is still no effort to be exerted on your behalf. The covenant must be enacted – activated with your faith, and your words.

The bottom- line…. Life is going to go on with  or without you. The only choice you have is how  you respond to today.  The past is the land of Never-Again. 

As I reflect on the inevitable changes that have transpired in my galaxy, I have chosen to NOT allow the Giant of past regrets poison my future as I enter the land of “great and brighter promises. ”  For I am fully armed with the promise of my Heavenly Father,  “to be a father to the fatherless, and bring comfort to the widows.”

His love NEVER fails and is not on this world’s time-clock.

It is my sincere prayer, that you would experience an extra measure of peace, love, and comfort this Father’s Day, regardless of where you are on your personal road map of life.

         t-t-f-n- (ta-ta-for-now)