Sunday, July 24, 2011

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

I recently have been reminded of a long ago experience that carries a very relevant 'NOW' message.

In the beginning of my walk with God there were many older saints that did as the scriptures commanded for the older women to teach the younger, and took me under their wings.  One such woman that I will refer to  simply as  "Miss Lorene", left an indelible  mark on my mind and my heart.

We sat on opposite sides of the church for many, many years, but always connected via a Sunday wave or would throw each other a kiss. In the early days of ministry she was one of my faithful cheerleaders.

My young family had hit an unusually harsh, private storm.  I felt as though I was going down for the third time, and being fairly new in the things of God, wondered if I had been forsaken. Of course I hadn't, but I was asking the Lord for reassurance.

He answered my request with a dream...not mine...but that of  "Miss Lorene's."

She was a very tall, stately woman. Her presence exuded the love of God.  Her soft auburn colored hair was lightly streaked with gray wisps of wisdom. That particular Sunday morning, her hug felt like a safe harbor for my weary, five-foot-four,  beaten little ship to land.

Her voice was so soft you sometimes had to strain to hear her speak. She began by saying, "Cathy, I had a dream about you last night... 

You were on a very narrow path. Not only was the path narrow, but it was made of very sharp jagged rocks.  In addition, there were many huge boulders strategically placed at various intervals that represented seemingly impossible obstacles.

You had stopped and sat down on one of the larger rocks.  You were weeping because your feet were bleeding from the journey.  I appeared on the path and took my shoes off and offered them to you. I knew they were not your exact size... too big for you, nevertheless, they would help you complete your journey."

God had answered my prayers and quieted my fears of abandonment.

Over the subsequent years, the symbolism of those shoes have taken on a variety of meanings, and more precious with each step in my spiritual journey.

In a world of hopelessness, despair, broken dreams, disappointments, and
bleeding feet... Who needs 'YOUR' shoes today?

      t-t-f-n (ta - ta - for now)

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